Module : ClientLib, Interface specifications

Message Method Parameter Description
0x01 void *Buffer, long BufLength Execute Binary, this function can be used to execute a batch of messages out of the given buffer
0x02 char *Cmd Execute Input, executes a command, length is given by messagesize
0x03 unsigned char sender, char Cmd[] Complete Command, this function completes the given command and sends a message with the complete command back to the sender. this is ment to function like autocompletion in a linux terminal
0x04/0x01 TResID ResID LoadResByID, demands a ressource determined by its id from the server
0x04/0x02 char ResName[] LoadResByName, demands a ressource determined by its id from the server
0x10 long Len, char ServerAddress[] SetServer, set server address
0x12 long Len, char Username[] SetUser, sets username, used for authentication
0x13 long Len, char Password[] SetPass, sets password, used for authentication
0x15 void Connect
0xA0 unsigned char KeyCode[] KeyboardInput, processes keyboard input
0xF0 TClientStats *Ptr GetClientStats, gives back a pointer to client statistics
0xF1/0x01 unsigned char VarType, void *ValuePtr, char VarName[] EstablishNewVar, this function establishes a new environment variable. $VarType$ determines the type (string, integer, bool) and $VarName$ associates a name
0xF1/0x02 void *ValPtr, char VarName[] RetrieveVarValue, gives back a pointer to the data of the environment variable determined by $VarName$