Module : Netcode, Interface specifications

Message Method Parameter Description
0x01 TProcRecv proc, void *ClassPtr Set ProcRecv, sets the OnReceive event handler, proc should point to static function, for classes set the classpointer and cast it back, later
0x02 long len, char *str Set Address, sets the serveraddress
0x03 unsigned short Port Set Port, sets the serverport
0x04 unsigned char InitData[] Connect, connects to server and sends $InitData$ as welcome message. The length of InitData is determined by messagelength
0x05 void Disconnect
0x06 TNetMsg *Msg Send Msg, sends a message over network to the server
0x20 bool *Active Getactive, gives back whether or not the netcode is active/connected to a server
0x21 unsigned short *Port Get Port, gives back currently set server port
0x22 char **Active Getactive, gives back currently set server address
0x30 TNetcodeStats ** GetInfoPtr, gives back a pointer to netcode statistiks, like send data/sec
0x3F/0x01 void NetStatPing, performs a ping to the server
0x3F/0x02 void NetStatMeasure, measures transfer rate