Module : Object Cache, Interface specifications

Message Method Parameter Description
0x10 CBase3DObj *NewObj Add new object to cache, adds a new created object to the list of used objects in the cache
0x11 CBase3DObj *NewObj Add Obj to sim, adds a new object to the object simulation. this means, that the function CBase3DObj->Simulate is called, regularly
0x12 CBase3DObj **Obj, TResID ObjID Get Obj by id, gives back the object, that is determined by the given object id
0xFF/0xFF unsigned char InitData[] Connect, connects to server and sends $InitData$ as welcome message. The length of InitData is determined by messagelength
0x05 void Disconnect
0x06 void Idle, this function should be used to signal, that the system is idle. after call, the object cache, executes all ->Simulate functions of the objects in simulation list