Module : ServerApp, Interface specifications

Message Method Parameter Description
0x10 long Len, char Addr[Len] Set Listenaddr, sets the addr, the server listens to
0x11 long Len, unsigned short[Len] Set Ports, tells the netcode to listen to $Len$ Ports
0x12 unsigned char InfoLevel Set InfoLevel, sets the level of debug and report messages, available levels are between 0x00 and 0x03, where 0x00 is the highest level of messages.
0x13 TNetEvent OnConnect Set OnConnect Event, sets the eventhandler that will be called after a connect
0x14 TNetError OnError Set OnError Event, sets the eventhandler that will be called, after a error has occured
0x20 void Get Listen Addr, shall give back the current address(es) server listens to, but this is not implemented, yet
0x21 char *Buf Get Ports, creates a buffer in $Buf$ and writes there, first the amount of ports and then each port value
0x2F bool *Actvie Get Active, gives back, whether or not netcode is currently active
0x30 void Run Server, disconnects, resets and runs the server
0x31 void Stop Server, disconnects server
0x3F void Send Test Paket, no longer used, only thought for test purposes